Surgical Oncology Associates, led by Dr. Morton S. Kahlenberg, is a compassionate and dedicated team comprised of highly skilled surgeons, masters level registered nurses, and other key support staff who are cancer treatment experts with more than 75 years of combined experience in the surgical treatment and prevention of cancer, clinical trial design and participation, surgical research and course-based teaching.

What is Surgical Oncology and What is the Role of the Surgical Oncologist?

Many patients and physicians are not fully aware of the surgical sub-specialty of surgical oncology and the role of the surgical oncologist in the management of patients with cancer or pre-cancerous conditions. As such, patients are frequently referred to general surgeons for their care. While there are many excellent general surgeons in our community, it is important that patients and referring physicians appreciate the benefits of having a surgical oncologist provide surgical care for patients diagnosed with cancer as well as patients at high risk for the development of cancer.

Our surgeons are cancer surgery experts :

  • Our surgeons are general surgeons who have (completed) an additional 2-4 years of subspecialty surgical training that focuses on the surgical treatment and prevention of cancer.
  • Our surgeons were trained in the most elite comprehensive cancer centers in the nation.
  • Our surgeons are compassionate and provide expertise that is necessary to perform intricate cancer surgical procedures.
  • Our entire team will assist you in navigating the complex decision making process for your individualized treatment, with concierge-style service.
  • Our combined expertise ensures the best possible outcomes for our patients.
Welcome to Surgical Oncology Associates of South Texas. Whether you are seeking information about our practice or cancer surgery options, or just inquiring to learn more about cancer surgery specialists for you or a loved one, I hope that you find our website and links informative.

Facing a diagnosis of cancer or learning that you are at increased risk for the development of cancer is scary and anxiety provoking. It is the unknown that causes a significant amount of this fear and anxiety.
Our practice consists of expert and compassionate surgeons and staff who have many years of experience caring for patients with cancer as well as patients who are at risk for the development of cancer.

We are the only surgical practice in San Antonio and South Texas that focuses on cancer care. No other practice can offer the combination of training, experience, and compassion that we provide. I invite you to spend several minutes to review our website to learn why you should seek care from a surgical oncologist and dedicated cancer surgery specialists.

If you are facing cancer and require surgery, it would be our privilege to meet with you and provide care.

Morton S. Kahlenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Medical Director
Surgical Oncology Associates of South Texas
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Our Mission

" To provide expert knowledge, surgical skills and personalized treatment plans for the prevention and treatment of cancer thus enhancing the lives of patients in Bexar County and the South Texas region."

Our Services

The removal of many cancers requires sophisticated complex surgical procedures. We believe that patients benefit from having two or more specialty trained cancer surgeons in the operating room. We are the only practice in South Texas that offers this level of care.

A Survivor's Advice:

In order to win the fight you need to have faith, an attitude, and a team of expert cancer surgeons who have the right plan. Surgical Oncology Associates is my team” Patient Peter Suess, pancreatic cancer survivor.

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